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Even if children have regular visual acuity screenings at school, these tests typically do not offer the diagnostic depth of an in-office eye exam and may not test for eye disorders and diseases. Start early to monitor and maintain your child’s good eye health, and let us partner with you to determine if or when a child needs glasses or contacts. Children’s ability to see well at distances as well as up close can affect their performance in school, their self-esteem, and their general health. Alberta Health Care covers exams for children ages 0 to 18 years old.

Eye See Eye Learn Program

Eye See Eye Learn Program:

Every public, separate and francophone school district in Alberta supports the Eye See…Eye Learn® program, along with several private and charter schools. This program offers kindergarten students one free pair of eyeglasses with a prescription from an optometrist or ophthalmologist.


Hoya program 

MiyoSmart lens

Eye-M-Growing kids program
MiyoSmart lens
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Any child 16 and under can receive a free replacement pair of Hoya lenses within 16 months of the purchase of their glasses! This includes scratches or prescription changes.

Progear Sport Goggles

Make an appointment for your child’s good eye health at Sturgeon Vision Centre.

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